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Leading Suppliers Of Industrial & Construction Sand

Leading Suppliers Of Industrial & Construction Sand

Any good recipe needs quality ingredients. From the baker’s mixing bowl to the scientific compounds, it is integral to have only the best elements at your disposal to produce a distinct end-product.\n\nWe strive to stand by this ethos as, here at LB Silica Sand, we are proud to supply only the finest silica sand and sharp sand for a multitude of purposes. In the industrial and construction worlds, the need for quality sand is just as important as the trusted methods used to build and sculpt our world.\n\nMined in our UK quarry based near Milton Keynes, our experience spans over more than 50 years and sand has been mined from our quarries for more than 150 years. This only emphasises the unmatchable levels of experience we have in mining the best sand around and expertly supplying our treasured products on an international stage.\n

Builder’s Sand For Your Constructions

\nSharp sand (commonly known as builder’s sand) is often the choice of many construction experts for a multitude of construction practises due to its coarse and gritty texture. Its larger grains and ‘sharp’ make-up make it the ideal ingredient in forming strong and bonded concrete.\n\nOur bulk loads mean we can cater for a number of industrial and construction developments with a variety of needs and can transport any amount up to 30 tonnes direct to your site.\n

Sand To Drive Your Industry

\nOur range of knowledge and expertise means that we are more than equipped to deal with the individual needs of our clients. Sand plays one of the most important roles in a variety of industrial production sectors.\n\nFrom stonework, to the production of brick-facing and moulding, to manufacturing oils and paint fabrication, our quarry yields only the most definitive and reputable sand around.\n\nOur specialism in the finest range of sands and their modern day construction and industrial uses only enforces our renowned reputation. Whatever your needs, be sure to call our experts today on 01525 372 000 and see how we can help you.