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Equestrian Silica Sand

Quality silica sand for the specialist equestrian profession

We offer high quality Silica Sand that is used throughout the specialist equestrian profession. From horse training areas and tracks to lungeing and roller pits our sand is a suitable property for these surfaces.

Our sand choice for a Manege is P100 or Washed Fine Silica Sand as it compacts well and can be used on its own. This sand gives a good resilient surface for heavy to medium use and does not require a lot of maintenance, it is a professional standard sand.

Our silica sand has been used for other equestrian uses and we are able to offer other grades for specific requirements. We can supply washed sand used for Lungeing rings which can also be mixed with types of rubber and fibre to produce different surfaces.

Members of our staff are available to answer specific questions on these products and our range of Silica Sand.

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  • Horse track jumping
  • AS moist sand

Animal Bedding

Our sand is used for animal bedding of dairy cows, elephants and wild animals.

Dairy farmers using this have noted improvements in their milk quality and the health of their livestock, this product is also used at leading animal parks providing comfortable living with successful results. There have been some really good articles in ‘Farmers Weekly’ regarding the advantages of using sand as animal bedding.

We also offer a variety of types of other sand, including sharp sand, building sand and leisure sand; all of which are available in a variety of colours and quantities.

For further help or to request a free quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We have a strong knowledgable team that are equipped to deal with your every need and requirements.

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Our quality silica sand varies in colour

From an orangey brown to a light gold and can pass as a Mediterranean beach or an African desert