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Welcome to L.B. Silica Sand

Welcome to L.B. Silica Sand. We have been mining sand since the 1950’s and both distribute and supply high grade Silica Sand direct from our own Quarry. Our sand has high grade Silica content and provides a consistent quality and has been used in many industries, from glass making and industrial construction, to leisure and equestrian surfaces.

We can provide products for many different uses and can tailor soil sand mixes for specific needs that are required. Our sand varies in colour from orange and brown to a light gold to suit your requirements as well as budget. We can also supply sand stone and iron stone rock.

Our sand has previously been used in spitfire windscreens, and more recently RP30 sand was used in a plant growth project by a Scottish University and Nasa project. With our years of experience and extensive knowledge within this industry, make us your first port of call!

Suppliers of high quality Silica Sand

Our types of sand

Moist, dried, loose or bagged
Sharp sand




Sand for Construction

Soft Sand

8/25 sand grout


Non Slip 16/30


P30 Dry

P30 Dry

we have been mining since the 1950s

Giving us years of experience and extensive knowledge within this industry

Our Quarry

Our Location

Sand Quarry
  • Bryants Lane, 
  • Heath and Reach, 
  • Leighton Buzzard, 
  • Bedfordshire, 
  • LU7 0AL

T: 01525 372 000

Opening Times

Our quarry is open 5 days a week.
Visitors are by appointment only.

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Our quality silica sand varies in colour

From an orangey brown to a light gold and can pass as a Mediterranean beach or an African desert