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Sharp Sand

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Sharp sand is a fantastically strong material, ideal for use in a variety of industries and for a wide range of applications – from simple landscaping projects and equestrian grounds to much larger construction projects and wide agricultural uses.

Thanks to our large quarry, we’re able to supply sharp sand of any size order and for different requirements depending on your usage.

From screeding concrete floors to use under paving, sharp sand has a number of great uses and is ideal where great amounts of strength are required, hence its popular use in building and construction. Its durability and strength also makes it particularly ideal for use in equestrian grounds, providing a comfortable yet stable surface for horses.

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High Quality Sharp Sand

Sharp sand is available as a dry screened product and also as a washed and dried product at extra cost. This allows you to completely tailor your order to the needs – getting your perfect mix for agricultural, construction or domestic use.

We consistently hear from our clients, both domestic and commercial, about the quality of our sharp sand and how this has made a positive impact on their project, whatever it might be.

If you have specific requirements for your sharp sand or you simply want to discuss your order and get some professional advice, then our experts here at LB Silica Sand can help. Just call our team today on 01525 372 000 or email us via our online contact form and we’ll be happy to organise your order or answer any questions.

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Our quality silica sand varies in colour

From an orangey brown to a light gold and can pass as a Mediterranean beach or an African desert