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Specialists In Providing Equestrian Sand

Specialists In Providing Equestrian Sand

The equestrian profession is one that is as graceful as it is demanding. Watching the elegant gallop of a horse in full flight before it scales a multitude of obstacles cannot be more rewarding. Here at LB Silica Sand, we like to think we play our small part too.\n\nWhen the quality of a terrain and environment plays as big a role it does in the equestrian world, you need a product that you can believe in. As leading suppliers of high quality silica sand, we can ensure that your horses perform on only the finest of surfaces.\n

Prestige Performance

\nWhether you’re in need of a regular supply or hefty bulk buy, we will be able to not only supply you with the most desirable and durable silica sand around, but assist you in ensuring that your tracks and pits are tailored to your specific needs.\n\nFrom standard training areas, to hard-hitting tracks, to lunging and roller pits, we understand that in order to become the best, you must have access to the best. Sand is a lot more than earthy minerals. With a whole range of textures, grains and grades, finding the right type of sand for your equestrian need can often be part of the problem.\n

Here To Help You

\nLuckily, our team are on hand to offer their expertise and assistance in ensuring your horse training and performance areas are the best they can be.\n\n• Our AS Moist and is a washed sand that is used for Lunging rings and can be finely mixed with rubber and fibre to produce different surfaces.\n\n• Our P203 range is more suited the demands of the racing track.\n\n• Our P100 washed fine silica sand compacts well making it a great choice when a good resilient surface is necessary.\n\nWhatever your need, we here at LB Silica Sand have the experience and the expertise to not only supply but enhance the quality of your equestrian surfaces. Be sure to call us today on 01525 372 000 and see how we can help you.