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Sand Solutions Serving Milton Keynes This New Year

Sand Solutions Serving Milton Keynes This New Year

Sand is one of the most important minerals on our planet. Its fine grains are the make-up of the world we live in. From the natural realm to the construction domain, right through to our professional and leisurely needs, sand plays an important and integral role.\n\nHere at LB Silica Sand, we understand just how important the quality of sand is to our customers. With this in mind, we are proud to be specialists in the mining of high grade silica sands and supplying it on an international stage.\n\nBased just outside Milton Keynes, we are able to supply our customers with the finest range of industrial sand, building sand, top soil and sharp sand to fulfil a whole host of purposes. Our quarries have been mined for sand for more than 150 years which only emphasises the extent of our expertise in mining and supplying silica sand.\n

Industrial & Construction

\nThe yield of our quarry, in terms of suitable sands for a multitude of industrial and construction purposes, really is unmatchable. We supply only the best silica sand and sharp sand whether it’s for paint manufacturing, grout, brick mould or the oil industry. From stonework to brickwork, we can provide and transport your sand weighing up to 30 tonnes, making us the first choice for Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas\n

Bagged Sand

\nIn need of bagged sand for you site or workplace? We are able to offer our customers an entire range of bagged sands that are designed for your purposes. From our established sharp sand to leisurely play pit sand to top soil/sand mixes, we will be able to deliver your sand carefully and effectively to you.\n

Agricultural & Equestrian

\nThe world of agriculture is one that naturally relies on sand to help aid in the growth and drainage of farms and livestock habitats. Whether you are in need of high grade top soil or a more exotic mix for animal bedding and plant growth, we will be able to tailor our service to you. If you work in the equestrian industry, we are able to supply a range of sands to aid the maintenance and professional standard of your facilities.\n\nWith a whole host of purposes, we here at LB Silica Sand, will be able to help you in more ways than you think when it comes to quality sand and top soil solutions. Be sure to watch this space as we look in more detail at our specific services and the products we provide.