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Let LB Silica Sand Restore Your Landscape

Let LB Silica Sand Restore Your Landscape

Agriculture has been at the forefront of civilisation since time began. From the cultivation of our crops to the well-being of our livestock, right through to the structure and development of our great British landscape, it would appear that all of these things have one thing in common.\n\nWhilst one of nature’s unsung heroes, the role that sand has played in the development of our existence really is worth noting. Here at LB Silica Sands, we have perfected the art of mining and supplying only the finest range of silica sand and sharp sand.\n\nOur extensive knowledge and expertise, which spans over half a century, has allowed us to establish ourselves as an international supplier. Our quarry, based just outside Milton Keynes, ensures that we can supply and transport your sand for whatever purpose directly to you.\n

‘Top’ Topsoil

\nIn the world of agriculture, quality topsoil can make all the difference in the quality of your crops, the condition of your livestock and the drainage of your landscape. Whether you are looking for general purpose topsoil, or a more exotic mix to ensure the condition of your land, our knowledgeable team are on hand to find the topsoil that is right for you.\n

Drainage Uses

\nThe drainage of your grassland can be the difference between a healthy landscape and a swamp-like bog. Whether you’re looking to aid your grassed sports pitch, improve the drainage of your crops or provide bedding for animals, we have a range of sands to perform such specific duties, such as our AS Moist sand.\n

Animals Deserve The Best Too

\nThe introduction of our specialist sands has seen many farmers and animal parks comment on the high quality of health and productivity their animals have experienced. From safe surroundings to improved yields, the quality of life for your animals can make all the difference thanks to our reputable sand supplies.\n\nWe pride ourselves on offering our customers a bespoke service which encompasses their individual and specific sand needs. So make sure you call us today on 01525 372 000 where one of our friendly professionals will be able to answer your enquiries.